Are SEO Strategies Still Worth It in 2015?
Posted on: Oct 15, 2015

The brief and simple answer to this question is YES. SEO is not a simple or self-explanatory process. While on the surface it seems straightforward with clear, transparent aims, it involves immense strategy and clear thinking. Therefore Search Engine Optimization should be left to the experts. SEO consultants are an invaluable source of knowledge about the subject and the complexities involved and the competitive of the SEO Singapore market means we strongly suggest all SEO strategies should be thoroughly employed along the suggested routes of SEO consultants.


Clearly SEO is here to stay and is embedded into every modern market. Whatever your industry, to be a success in today’s world you need to be online. You need to reach out to your customer base wider and engage with them online. Search Engine Optimization is the means of doing just this. It is how you get your brand visible to your potential customers. Therefore one might say the answer to this question is undeniably simple. If you are not visible online you will automatically lose out to your competitors if new customers can’t find you. If you do not keep your current customers coming back then ultimately you will have no clients anymore at all and your business will fail. Without being overdramatic that is the ultimate truth. With the current state of the SEO Singapore industry, you will be hard-pressed to find a company online who does not recognise the importance of SEO.


In 2015, it is therefore vital to continue relying on the expertise of SEO consultants to research, create and manage your SEO projects and strategies for the most efficient and quick outcomes. Search Engine Optimization is not something the standard person can do. It involves technical knowledge, system requirements, a thorough understanding of link building, metadata and other terminology and an understanding of websites and their capabilities. One must also remember that SEO is a lengthy procedure. Most SEO Consultants will advise a period of at least 12 months to employ a concise SEO strategy to see optimum results.


There are also new things to think about in this New Year. Particularly, more so than ever before, mobile optimization is extremely important. Once might say that it is no longer rising in prominence, but is dominant. SEO must be done concurrently with an SEO and mobile-friendly website for the full rewards to be reaped. In addition, Social Media as a means to generate interest, conversation and awareness of your brand will now be used concurrently with SEO more so than ever before. To not understand these growing trends and how to build them with your SEO strategy it will be very difficult to remain ahead of your competitors and retain your authority online. Unless in the rare case that your business functions well without online capabilities or a presence, an SEO strategy should be the normal procedure with any website. SEO this year will be seen as an unavoidable, necessary functionality within any business website.