Can you face Google or Penguin?
Posted on: Oct 15, 2015

However, it is known that Google has been sending messages to site owners that it seems that their sites are focusing towards suspicious pages. Moreover, Google wants to clarify the site owners regarding link schemes that are pointing towards their sites. Thus, gaining higher rankings through manipulation of paid links is not commendable according to Google’s perspective.

Apart from Google Webmaster Tools, the current Penguin algorithm update stresses that negative SEO can harm significantly the websites. Specially, Penguin has been created to highlight or take out sites that are getting help from paid links.


Kinds of negative SEO

Negative SEO has many faces, for instance, buying links and use them to target a rival’s website. This technique can harm the ranking of a website. Hacking of a website to damage its reputation by adding false 5-star reviews and simply reporting Google about the utilization of ‘black hat’ SEO tactics has become a common business practice, nowadays.


What is the solution of the problem?

Rationally, the site owners cannot control external links; therefore, they use negative tactics to affect the rankings of their competitors. However, you can avoid any such embarrassing situation, if you can understand the following preventive measure to secure your site from negative tactics:

v  The most essential thing is to monitor SEO factor because it is highly vulnerable and your competitors can manipulate your site by adding reviews and backlinks.

v  For the revision of sites that can be affected, Google has an effective system. To have the knowledge about Penguin and process can help to recover from a serious setback.

v  Do not try this yourself to harm your competitors because it can return back to your site with greater force, if reveal.

v  Sites with strong domain authority are less vulnerable to negative SEO tactics

If you hit by such negative SEO, the team of Google would suggest changing your site so that it can fulfill the Google’s guidelines. After relevant changes, you can resubmit your site for reconsideration. Moreover, the Google team can help you, if you are unable to detect or remove the issue. You will have to provide the information about the issue in detail.