Does Negative SEO exist?
Posted on: Oct 15, 2015

For the past few months, negative SEO is getting highly visible in local and international circles. Specifically, people who try to find an excuse for inadequate performance of their site and have a bad backlink profile are making too much fuss about it. Clearly, it helps them a great deal.


A rare example

However, a rare example has been observed last week. A site of our client has received a notification from Google Webmaster Tools about ‘artificial or unnatural links.’ It was a great surprise for us because we were not building links for the client’s site. After examining through our software, it revealed that our client’s site has received more than 100,000 fresh backlinks through various referring domains.

The site has never built backlins more than 200 during the past five years. Definitely, this was an intentional sabotage attempt by a rival company. For us, this was the first example of negative SEO.  Obviously, Google does not penalize sites in such cases.


People ask

Negative SEO—What is this? It may be a new thing for you and for many other companies. However, this is gradually becoming a big problem. If you receive a message from Google Webmaster Tools that it has detected the usage of techniques that go beyond Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. You should get alert, if you are not intentionally using wrong techniques. You should reevaluate your site’s pages, for manipulating page rank, unnatural and artificial links that look towards your website. For instance, for participating in link schemes or buying links to pass Page Rank are some of them.